It is difficult to choose between a template and a unique website: from the one side, you want a truly exclusive product, but from the other, you save money by ordering something simpler. Before making a final decision, you should understand what is what in the world of web development and choose the best option for yourself.

What is a template solution?

The website “out of the box” it is a ready-made design + CMS. The number of templates for various business areas is estimated in thousands. A possibility that somewhere exist a similar project in a different color scheme is 99%.

Prices for ready-made solutions are very affordable. So, a template costs about $ 100, and the work of a web studio, including installing the engine on a hosting, changing colors, easily structure correction, uploading images and a logo, setting up simple functionality – $ 300-400.

Want to get more out of a typical solution? It will cost a lot. Complicated improvements can cost as much as half of a custom web development. Therefore, before choosing a template, you need to think about main goals and functionality.

A template is an easy way to solve business problems for a little amount of money.

What is a custom development?

Custom web development it’s an individual approach in everything. The web product is created strictly for the needs of the customer: a unique design, advanced functionality, a well-developed marketing strategy.

Each design element is thought out and the structure is fully consistent with the goal. In addition, it is possible be ready for the improvements in future – making corrections later will be not so difficult.

The price of an individual website depends entirely on the development company.

For example, in Appsoft, workflows are optimized in the way, that each one takes a minimum of time. As well quality of our software is always on the highest level. This is possible because of properly selected specialists whose professional experience is at least 5 years.

Price matters

There are several reasons why you pay less for an ordering a ready template from a developer:

  • designer doesn’t waste time for creation of pages – they are already ready;
  • programmer works on the layout minimum of time;
  • template is cheap.

The cost of a unique project includes the work of at least a few people who spend a lot of time on all processes.

Count the time

The deadlines for creating a typical site are fixed- a couple of weeks. This is justified by the same reasons as the price – fewer specialists are needed.

The development of a unique project requires at least a month. For that must be written detailed task, prepared structure, created prototypes and design layouts. Then the pages will be given to developer and in the end to programmer for finishing up.

In AppSoft, all these development stages are under the control of the quality department, which carefully monitors the progress of all processes and the correction of problems.

Why structure is so important?

The structure of the website it is not only sections and pages, but also thoughtful navigation. The structure is “responsible” for the user to find the necessary information easily and quickly, making a minimum of steps on the way to the goal.

The unique site provides more opportunities for the structure, because it is created from 0. With a ready-made solution, the situation is more complicated – you need to fit into exact frames, which are specified by the developer of the template.

Functionality as a benefit

Despite the fact that the template requires basic functionality, it can almost always be improved. Another thing is that often such corrections are not cheap. As a result, the customer has a risk to get an inexpensive standard product and a big expense for making any improvements.

An exclusive solution means freedom of choice. Since the project is done from the beginning, it can be “filled” as you like, without limiting yourself in the choice of functionality.

Future project growth

A site “out of the box” is unlikely to grow into a larger project over the time, since it was originally made for specific purposes. Much easier is the situation with a custom web development. So, having agreed about some functionality and structure at the 1st stage, in the future it will not be difficult for you to improve or redesign your project.