Information Technology Consulting

Services of IT Consulting

AppSoft provides services of IT consulting and project expertise for clients. Our offer includes guidance on architecture, technologies, tools & products which are necessary for solution implementation.

Offered service covers pre-developing phases and ensures:

  • Estimation of Software Specification
  • Analysis of Main Business Processes and All Available Solutions
  • Expertise and Recommendations concerning Project Technologies
  • Planning the Project

outsorsing ITAppSoft provides services of analyzing client business processes and preparation of software specifications in order to ensure the efficiency of final solution. There is also an option of analyzing and giving expert recommendations on requirements specifications, documentation of software design and implemented system.

As we look back on our experience we understand that software project success depends to a large extent on the proper-planned software specifications as well as project plan.

Software requirements (specifications) is the core document for software development process implementation. This document contains key technical requirements to the future software product plus additional info on the project.

Software specifications cover:

  • System technical requirements
  • System business requirements
  • System architecture
  • Project plan, software product implementation terms and conditions

Our services of business-analysis cover:

  • Extensive negotiations with the client and system assignment defining
  • Preparation of Software specifications
  • Business-analysis can be a part of software developing process or can be provided as independent service

Software specifications designing terms and conditions depend on the scope of the project and on the specificity of the future IT system. Our specialists always negotiate each and every aspect of the project on an individual basis with each customer.

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