DevOps Service

AppSoft Offers Custom DevOps Services

devops engeneerHigh-quality DevOps services are performed by AppSoft for achieving greater effectiveness plus superior software quality on top cloud platforms. Our development company is a credible partner for a great number of clients worldwide for over fifteen years. Right services which DevOps qualified engineers provide are very necessary as a basis for efficient software product developing, its delivering and supporting on the base of methodology Agile.

AppSoft’s DevOps Engineers Expertise

Each of our DevOps engineers has great experience and fully qualified in applying such effective tools as TeamCity, Chef and Jenkins. The specified below processes can be automated by our specialists with the use of DevOps toolchain: Codes, Builds (Continuous integration), Testing, Packaging, Release, Configuration, Monitoring.

Continuous Integration

AppSoft DevOps Experts offer such list of services:

  • creating project for developed software solution
  • its integration with source Code storage and required compilers
  • trigger events for running the automate build: on an everyday mode or per each new commit in target branch
  • defining scripts along with sequences for software build
  • testing run of the unit upon successful build (it's optional)
  • logging plus alert for results of build or verification

Deployment of Solution and Verifying

Such sphere is also referred to as a Continuous Deployment. Qualified DevOps engineers prepare scripts for each and every environment, which make possible:

  • to use storage of source code (Subversion or Git) for solutions rebuilding (completely or partially)
  • to prepare config files dependent on environments
  • stopping all affected services on hosted instances remotely
  • to run Unit testing or Integration testing in updated environments
  • to prepare summary reports containing important details on tests that were failed

High-load and High Availability distributed systems Continuous Monitoring

AppSoft DevOps Engineers develop solutions on the base of Kibana tools and Elasticsearch in accordance with the Continuous Integration pattern for more effective systems use by customers. This allows:

  • to monitor stability of all components of system in 24 hours per day, 7 days per week mode
  • to discover errors as well as potential problems promptly and, as the result, to reduce undesirable effects on reputation
  • to collect business analysis using the system, based on specificity of сertain business (for example, business-transactions number/volume per marketplace) and to do verification of business effectiveness and Key performance indicators
  • customer to make financing decisions on server or service resources increase or decrease and operating expenses optimization for business necessities

Architecture Planning and Deploying of Solutions

AppSoft’s DevOps experts are professionals in planning as well as solutions infrastructure deployment/creation using Terraform tool on such Cloud Platforms:

  • Google Cloud
  • AWS with Auto Scaling
  • Microsoft Azure