MBOX Radio

Online radio. More than 50 radio stations with selections of classic and modern musical compositions for every taste. Rest after a hard day at work with light instrumental music, turn on inspiring rock during a workout in the gym or diversify your trip on public transport with the most modern world hits.
We developed an application and ios framework-wrapper for client-server interaction. The framework is distributed through cocoapods.

In the store: MBox radio

• access to more than 50 unique and regularly updated online radio stations for every taste absolutely free
• ability to save radio stations to your favorites for quick access to them
• ability to mark your favorite tracks
• ability to disable commercials during the broadcast
• search by genre, station and song
• player with track information
• airplay
• choice of genre and station
• playlist
• MBox framework for third-party applications
• MBox widget
• subscriptions to radio stations
• authorization using social networks fb, vk, mail.ru, g +
• advertising from partners

Technologies: objective-c, client / server API, m3u8, APNS, UIKit, Foundation, SafariServices, MediaPlayer, NotificationCenter
Libraries: AFNetworking, MBProgressHUD, VK-ios-sdk, FBSDKCoreKit, FBSDKLoginKit, FBSDKShareKit, Google / SignIn, Google / Analytics, SWTableViewCell, UIAlertView-Blocks, RKRollCrawl