The necessary Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) data is collected and analyzed on time!
Application for intervention management and behavior data collection in autism therapy. Automated paperless measurements.

In store: AutismTech

Analyst: creating therapeutic teams, analysis of automatic intervention reports,
creation of reports for customers.
Curator: analysis of data immediately after measurements, graphs and tables, automatic generation of reports before supervision.
Therapist: taking measurements with free hands, quickly entering the necessary data,
individual incentives for working protocols.
Parents: transparency of intervention, protocol applications, independent measurements.

Technologies: swift, client / server API, local storage of Core Data, push notifications
Libraries: Alamofire, Kingfisher, Localize, SwiftyJSON, Firebase / Core, Firebase / Messaging, Fabric,
Crashlytics, SideMenuSwift, SwiftMessages, NVActivityIndicatorView, SnapKit, Charts, SwipeMenuViewController, Floaty.