Thousand realms

Adventure game is a role-playing game, the main goal of which is to complete quests and develop a hero. During game the player has allies – bots, as well can invite real players.


    • Login: guestbook, account, or using social networks google, facebook
    • Inviting players by mail or link in social networks.
    • Integration of marketing analytics AppsFlyer
    • Integration of Paypal payment system to purchase equipment or resurrection.
    • Trading between players
    • Chat for communication between players

Technologies: objective-c, UIKit, Foundation, push notifications APNS and FCM, SQLite database, client/server API, взаимодействие с социальными сетями 

Libraries: AFNetworking, JSONModel, FBSDKCoreKit, FBSDKLoginKit, FBSDKShareKit, Google/SignIn, MBProgressHUD, UIAlertView-Blocks, Appirater, AppsFlyerFramework, Firebase/Core, Firebase/Messaging.