Smart Socket 2.0

The Smart Socket 2.0 app is designed for owners of SENSEIT GS2 M (Master) and SENSEIT GS2 S (Slave) devices. The application allows you to control the power of electrical appliances from anywhere in the world using the SENSEIT GS2 Smart Socket. It allows you to not only to turn devices on and off, but also to set up the schedule of household appliances.

In store: Senseit

• monitoring of actual room temperature
• notification of reaching the set critical temperature
• control of Master and Slave sockets
• forced switching on and off of the relay
• turning on and off the timer relay
• scheduled relay on and off and its setting
• turning on and off the relay according to the temperature sensor (climate control) and its setting
• group socket control
• filter sockets by categories Master / Slave / All
• search for sockets by keywords

Technologies: objective-c, client / server API, APNS, Accelerate, CoreGraphics
Libraries: TRVSMonitor, PKRevealController, JSONModel, AFNetworking, HexColors, NSString-Hashes, SVProgressHUD, FXBlurView, UIAlertView-Blocks.