Perhaps the topic is not new, but it remains useful for all developers. 2021 will bring us many interesting technological and design solutions. New devices are planned for this year, in which, most likely, we will see new ways of interacting with the interface and improving existing interactions. So what exactly will be the 2021 UI / UX trend? Let’s figure it out.

What will stay?

  1. Dark theme

Although the dark theme has appeared quite a long time ago and was so popular for users, it is not yet supported everywhere. This year it will continue to be implemented in mobile applications, websites, web applications.

2. Airiness, brevity

In the trends of the last few years, there is a tendency to unload the interface from unnecessary components and focus on content. It will continue this year as well. Here we can also add a huge focus on UX copywriting. More on this below.

3. Functionality and love to details

A neat and intuitive interface is at the heart of any product. Many companies will be redesigning their own front-end solutions in 2021. For example, at the end of 2019, Microsoft revealed its new logo and new product styling based on Fluent Design.

4. Product gamification

A trend that every year is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that almost any product can be equipped with such a solution that allows you to simply and efficiently captivate the user.

5. Voice UI (VUI)

Many of those who watched the Google I / O conference were in awe of how smart Google Duplex voice assistant has become. An even steeper upgrade of voice control is expected next year, because this method of interaction is not only convenient, but also has a socially significant status, since it allows people with disabilities to use products. The leaders at the moment: Google, Apple, Yandex,

6. Emotional design

Products need to evoke emotions in the user, so “the race” will continue in that direction. Someone will, for example, evoke emotions using abstract illustrations, someone using bright animation, colors. I would also like to say about empathy. The technique of empathic manipulation has been used for a very long time, and it will be strongly developed in 2021.

An excellent example is Apple Music, Yandex Music, which provide playlists that are suitable specifically for each user.

7. UX copywriting

Texts are an important part of the product. The trend of writing and processing existing text into a readable, capacious and compact, understandable and friendly format will continue.

8. Animated illustrations.

Stylized static illustrations have been around for a long time. And popular messengers (for example, Telegram) use vector images – stickers that are animated using a tool like Lottie. Now we are witnessing the development of a trend for the implementation of a similar animation in other products.

9. Oversized typography

Huge headlines, large text are not new, but this year the trend set for several years will continue to develop.

10. Complex gradients

The usage of gradients allows you to add depth to the picture. In a new version of this technique, we will see complex gradients that will add volume and depth to images that are on top of the gradient.

What will become less popular?

  1. Pure 3D on websites or mobile applications

Pure 3D is likely to gradually fade into the background due to its limited use and implementation complexity, giving way to pseudo 3D. But this does not apply to game applications.

2. Muted shades of colors

This trend was popular in 2019. We have stepped into a new era, it will begin very brightly, so calm muted colors will give way to bright and juicy ones.

3. Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)

In my opinion, AR / VR technologies have reached their peak. Many have already tried it. These technologies have extremely limited use. We can note the successful application of AR – masks for social networks. VR technology will be popular with varying degrees of success, mainly due to the release of VR games, which, alas, are not many planned for 2021.

What trends are coming in 2020?

  1. The new experience of interaction

A new way of interacting with a mobile product involves working with bottom sheets, which is really convenient. Back arrows are a thing of the past! In addition, some of the functional buttons “moved” to the bottom of the screen to facilitate work on large screens.

2. Super applications

One of the main trends in 2020 is the release of “Super Applications” based on large products with a huge audience.

3. Mixed reality (MR)

It can be a real breakthrough technology! The flagman of its development, most likely, will be Apple if it releases mixed reality glasses. A whole era of interfaces will begin!

So what are the main trends in UX design and what shapes them?

In my opinion, something new should come with the advent of devices with MR (Mixed Reality) on the market. This is not only a completely new experience of interaction but also a branch of modern technologies development. It is not a fact that MR will really become a “panacea”, but it is possible that with its development “nearby-products” will appear, which will just as tightly enter our lives as smartphones.

  1. Demand

It’s no secret that the modern user of a product is very demanding about its quality. He wants to get the desired result with maximum comfort and speed. It shapes trends in performance, appearance, interaction, emotion.

2. Competition

There is a very tough fight for users. It is a competition that influences the development of the product, sets new development trends. More often trends are driven by large grocery companies, and others are picking up this rhythm.

3. Progress

Technological progress does not stand still, new devices appear that requires a new way of interaction. Flexible smartphones are a right example.


In conclusion, I would like to say that 2021 will indeed be the year of breakthrough technologies. Many large companies have postponed tasty novelties for this particular year. We just have to be patient and wait for the release.