The SDK is a software development kit that helps developers to create applications for specific platforms. It can be computers, game consoles or mobile devices

More specifically, mobile SDKs give application developers everything they need to easily create all kinds of high-performance applications for smartphones and tablets that can be published on Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

According to SmartInsights, 90% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent on applications. Therefore, the experience of using applications is so important for application developers and for users.


Today, the industry has grown in the belief that the SDK is a library built into the application, and the APIs are cloud services that work in conjunction with the SDK or application.

You create something using the SDK. You use or consume something using the API. You use the SDK to access the functionality of the library, and the API to manage it.

Why do you need a mobile SDK

A high-quality mobile SDK will give you access to all the necessary features to create a dynamic mobile application.

Not every developer has comprehensive knowledge of programming and extensive software development skills. And even those who have all of this, prefer to save a significant amount of time using programming tools from the mobile SDK.

Integrating high-quality and well-written code with various supporting materials, you can add new features to your mobile application so that it is surely reliable and not inferior to the applications of your competitors.

In addition, the mobile SDK helps your application to work more stable and better.

You can create a customized mobile app environment for your users.

Developers can create customized applications and customize the user environment using a high-quality mobile SDK.

Not all applications are designed for the same purpose and according to similar patterns, so a set of useful tools can make your application more flexible.

By providing a useful and relevant mobile environment tailored to the user, you can increase user retention and control user behavior on mobile devices.

It doesn’t matter if your target audience consists of employees, customers or gamers, you can be sure that your application will benefit from having a reliable SDK solution that will satisfy the needs of your users.

How to make the right choice?

Integrating the mobile SDK into your application can be extremely useful, but it’s crucial to choose the right SDK for you. Two key aspects inherent in a good mobile SDK are proper data usage and security.

Everyone wants the SDK not only to be of high quality, but also to protect end-user information. It is very important to look for a mobile SDK for which the user’s permission to use personal data is important, although usually several libraries integrated with the application are used.

A high-quality mobile SDK that provides security to your users will help to improve the experience of working with the application, its reliability and customer retention rates.