The number of smartphone users in 2019 will reach 2.5 billion and in addition to this, the ever-growing number of applications on Google Play and Apple App Store makes mobile development one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors nowadays.

Android and iOS app development trends 2019 change more often than smartphone software updates. Increased expectations of users for the functionality of the application, its security and privacy, made this year full of new experiences for mobile advertisers, publishers and application developers.
It is more important than ever for mobile developers to catch the user’s attention and bring a positive experience, while using the application. The ability to change has long been the main component of a good mobile promotion strategy.

We left behind the blockchain, crypto and VR and highlighted the universal mobile technologies, that should be implemented in the application in order to make a profit from it in 2019.

Evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence

The income of applications after introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world market is constantly growing and will exceed $ 100 million by 2025. According to Gartner research, the 200 largest companies in the world are actively implementing and relying on machine learning data, so we can say for sure – AI belongs to one of the latest mobile app development trends.

Mobile applications can use artificial intelligence to understand user behavior and provide them with more personalized recommendations. Data-driven machine learning will automate tasks to eliminate the human factor and analyze a large data set with a minimal human involvement.

A great example of an AI-based mobile app is the Lark fitness app. This is a smart application with a chat bot that tracks physical activity and, using the data entered by the user about his daily routine and eating habits, gives recommendations based on data received from leading world experts in the field of health and nutrition.
Machine learning is very useful in healthcare, logistics, IT, education – wherever there is a lot of disordered data. And the development of AI-based applications helps to free the support team of the application from routine – after all, a chat bot can respond to all typical requests.

Another example is the AlphaGo game, which is based on the general principles of machine learning and was able to beat the world’s strongest player in go. During the development of AlphaGo, the authors used only the most elementary theory of the game of go and the program reached a high level of the game, learning independently on the lots of professionals. The development team plans to use the AlphaGo experience for a medical diagnostics development.

Instant Android Apps: new mobile app development trend 2019

The idea of ​​Instant Apps, which Android rolled out in 2016, finally belongs to the real Android app development trends. With this technology, users can access the functionality of the application without downloading it. For users, the benefit is obvious: “try before you buy”. This concept will allow them to save time for reading reviews and try the features of the application themselves instead.

Google Play plans in this way to save the memory of smartphones. But one of the problems is that instant applications work correctly only with applications without heavy graphics.
Heavy games with great functionality can be difficult to use with instant applications.

Another subject of the discussion between developers is how the implementation of instant applications will affect advertising monetization. They can increase the level of involvement at certain levels of the application, but in the end: if there is no need to install the application, it is more hard to push the user to return.
But as well “try before installing” approach ideally reduces random downloads and the number of users, who abandoned the application. Therefore, if you have an application with simple logic that needs not a lot of space, it is worth to test an Instant Apps.

UX: from difficult to simple

Simplified UX helps users quickly navigate the application and find what they are looking for. Mobile app design should predict user behavior, be minimalistic and provide a fulfill experience for app users. And with the development of Google Pay and Apple Pay comes one more app development trend 2019 – ability to pay with a virtual card.
Remember the sensational redesign of Snapchat: some time ago, they changed their recognizable application interface and took more space for user-generated content and advertising.

User reaction to the new Snapchat features was terrible: they claimed that the new Snapchat was more difficult to use, and then signed a petition to bring back the good old design. In the end, the team of Snapchat had to return everything as it was. Snapchat took a step back in terms of design, but was able to maintain user loyalty.

New trends with a proper use can realy increase the profit of the application and make it popular. Build your own one with Appsoft!