Video social network – allows you to view normal and 360 videos, chat with other users, find nearby concerts based on personal music preferences.
Free storage and organization of your favorite memories from concerts and music events.


  • Login: account, social networks Twitter, Google, Facebook
  • View regular video
  • Play Video 360
  • Uploading video to the server using the renewable download protocol tus.io
  • Google Places Integration
  • Search for concerts based on personal music preferences.
  • Chat for communication with other users of the application
  • Custom camera – photos at a concert
  • Integration of the site statistics collection system according to the specified Mixpanel parameters

Technologies: client / server Api, Push notification gcm, interaction with social networks, VR videos
Libraries: Tus java client, Picasso, Image chooser library, Okhttp, Gson, Facebook, Play Services Auth, Retrofit, Recyclerview, Google VR Sdk, Java MP4 Parser, Twitter, Exoplayer, Mixpanel.